Contact us by email

You can contact the club by email at . tringswimclub@gmail.com

For welfare issues contact. tscwelfare@gmail.com

Club members should be on the e-mail  notification list. This is essential to ensure all members are kept up to date regarding forthcoming events, team selections, results and significant updates to the website.


Where to find us

Tring Swimming Club
Tring Sports Centre
Mortimer Hill
Herts, HP23 5JD


Dealing with Questions and Problems

The club actively encourages swimmers and parents to talk to their coach. Coaches are usually available before and after training or can be contacted by email (tringswimclub@gmail.com).  Please avoid speaking to the coach during the session or keeping the coach in conversation when the session is due to start.

Fortunately problems are rare. In most cases problems can be resolved directly with the coach.  If any additional help is required our Welfare Officer, Nicky Sharp, can be contacted via tscwelfare@gmail.com


TSC Committee

committee photos mike              Chairman: Mike Billingham               Johnny (2)                Head Coach: Johnny Bradley

Johnny silhouette              Vice Chairman: Alan Geller                cathy2                    Club Secretary / Marketing: Cathy Pyefinch

silhouette              Welfare Officer: Nicky Sharp            alison                  Swim21 Co-ordinator: Alison Woodruff

andy lang               Treasurer: Andrew Lang                       NickyWharton2                Assistant Treasurer:  Nicky Wharton

silhouette            Team Manager: Ceri Cave                       silhouette                  Membership Secretary: Christabel

committee photos sue             Member: Sue Frewin                               silhouette                   Gala Administration: Ruth Monks

silhouette             Member: Bridget Knight



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